Pleasant and enjoyable to taste
able to involve every type of palate

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Philema, in ancient Greek means
a convivial kiss and wine is an emblem of conviviality and friendship

Pleasant and enjoyable to taste able to involve every type of palate

Spedizione 24/48h per chi cerca un vino adatto ad ogni occasione

We use special thermal packaging that keeps the bottles intact. The refund is guaranteed In case of damage

Safe packaging

The wine observe all national quality regulations and standards

labelling DOC

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New and adaptable, suitable for all occasions, from cocktails to desserts

It was made in the family vineyard

Product of an ancient family vineyard, located
in Castelnuovo Don Bosco and replanted in 2017.
The first harvest took place in the autumn/fall 2019
Freisa is a rustic black grape variety of Piedmont, appropriate to this area characterized by dry summers
Philema is the result of the blend between Freisa d'Asti and Piemonte Bonarda which together give rise to the Monferrato Doc Rosso wine

Young and genuine wine,
a ''must- have'' on the table

The care of the vineyard takes place according to family tradition

We wanted to create a memorable bottle of wine with strong character and personality, intended for an adult and contemporary audience.

The red background color draws attention by stimulating emotions of passion and pleasure, both easily present in situations of conviviality. The bold Key Visual print of the mount, painted in a floral theme in the "make-up artist" style, recalls the beauty and essence of Philema which offers fruity and "colorful" tones on the palate mixed with spicy notes of black pepper.
Team Philema

Philema received numerous acclaim from the popular jury at the Fedrigoni 2020 competition

In 2021 our wine received a nomination for the Pentawards, the most prestigious international Brand & Design competition

It is a wine focused on well-being, you can consume it at any time without any guilt feelings and heaviness. It is well tolerated even by the occasional consumer due to the almost absence of sulphites

High digestibility

Easily to combine with all dishes and perfectly accompanies appetizers

Versatile drink

The treatments in the vineyard are very light. No additives are used during the manufacturing process

Genuine product

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Shipping and delivery

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Choose the right occasion to try it out

A wine for all tastes

Impress your guests with a wine that perfectly combines with all dishes and it will attract attention
Perfect for a gift
Ideal for daily transversal consumption and with friends
For personal USE
According to the event, a wedding, a party with friends, a ceremony or a company meeting, Philema will give a different touch to your table

Philema is recommended to friends and acquaintances

1000+ satisfied customers

We had an aperitif with cold cuts and cheeses, it was so good that 4 bottles weren't enough
An exceptional red wine, excellent on the palate and digestible, suitable for any occasion
A truly pleasant red wine that cleans the mouth at each dish and prepares the palate for the next dish… try it!
I love the fruity aftertaste with peppery notes and the bitterness of this amazing wine, dry at the right point
Elisa e Luca
I bought it because I liked the bottle and the label then tasting it I also fell in love with the wine
A young red wine and different from the usual reds, also delicious, but that have made their time, I would define it
the new frontier of Italian red wine

Ready to cooperate with companies

and provide our wine to events, restaurants and bars

Philema has an attractive design and stands out by capturing the attention of your guests
Even after drinking a glass of excellent Champagne, it will not disfigure, you will appreciate its "Clean" and "Determined" flavor, without hesitation
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